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Eco School Council

Who are we?


At St. Augustine's the Eco Committee is led by Mrs Goodwin (FS2 teacher) a member of the Senior Management, Mr Crooks (teaching assistant), Mr Keith (site manager) and representatives from the school Governors: Mrs Coburn and Mrs Burgess.


The Eco Council is made up of members from each class, ranging from Years 1-6. Each member is elected and voted for by their peers. The Eco Council meets up every fortnight to voice their ideas and discuss the next projects.  


Year 6 also play a significant role as Eco-Rangers. Six members carry out energy checks on each classroom and grade each class based on the devices and equipment they have remembered to switch-off.

Towards the end of the year the current Year 6's pass their role and their experiences on to the Year 5's as they prepare to take on more responsibilites within the school. 

Eco News

April - The Big Battery Hunt


Today the Eco Team launched The Big Battery Hunt in assembly. They challenged the school to collect as many old batteries as possible to be recycled.



Thanks to each class remembering to switch off their lights and devices and lunchtimes we have saved more than £5 on our school electricity bill this March compared to March 2018. The Eco-Team have gained £5 towards eco projects in the future. 


Well done to Year's 1 and 3 who collected the most points and have switched off the most this term!

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January 2019 - Energy Audit

The School Eco Council met with Mr Smith Director of The School Energy Efficiency organisation. Mr Smith explained to the Eco Council how he used a Thermal Camera to carry out an energy audit of the school. 

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November 2018 - Switch-Off Fortnight

The school came together in an attempt to save electricity. The Eco Team worked hard to involve the whole school with an assembly that launched Switch Off Fortnight. The Eco Team carried out some secret audits of classrooms, highlighting where we could switch off lights and devices to save electricity. Mr Keith informed us that we had managed reduced our electricity output at the end of the two weeks. We hope to continue our efforts into the new year.


Switch-Off Fortnight

Switch-Off Fortnight 1
Switch-Off Fortnight 2
Switch-Off Fortnight 3
Switch-Off Fortnight 4

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