Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School. For school vacancies, please look at key information section and vacancies for details
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs J Foley - Head Teacher
Picture 2 Miss C Harwood - Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs S Perrott - Foundation Stage 1 Teacher
Picture 4 Miss A Saddington - Foundation Stage 2 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs L Stephens - Year 1 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs R Goodwin - Year 2 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs K Dolan - Year 3 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs E Grealey - Year 5 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs K Spillane - Year 6 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs K Griffiths - SENDCO

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Miss R Steele - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs R Cash - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs E McGrory - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs L Norris - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs J Smith - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs K Perry -Teaching Assistant& Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Masterson-Teaching Assistant&Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 8 Mr M Crooks -Teaching Assistant &Midday Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs B Compton - Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs G.Owen-School Secretary
Office Staff 2 Mrs L Skingsley - Finance Clerk
Office Staff 3 Mrs K Steele - Admin and Art Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs R Sullivan
Midday Supervisors 2 Mrs S Cook
Midday Supervisors 3 Miss J Gammon

Site manager

Site manager 1 Mr B Keith - Site Manager & Midday Supervisor


Cooks 1 Mrs M Eggleton, Mrs D Cobb, and Mrs G Close


Clergy 1 Father D Kavanagh - Parish Priest
Clergy 2 Father P Devaney
Clergy 3 Deacon K O'Connor


Governors 1 Mrs A Fuller - Chair of Governors
Governors 2 Mr M Wakeham - Vice Chair of Governors
Governors 3 Mrs M Coburn
Governors 4 Mr F Cotter
Governors 5 Mrs B Burgess - Parent Governor
Governors 6 Mrs J McCallum - LA Governor

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus