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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School


Why is water so important in our lives? 


This term's learning will focus on the importance of water in our lives. In our Discovery learning, we will explore major rivers of the U.K and the world, the water cycle and different parts of a river. Additionally, we will explore the importance of water in our lives and how we can all make efforts to conserve water to protect our environment. To help us understand this important area, we will be visited by Severn Trent. Finally, we will look at different biomes of the world. 


To support our Discovery learning, we will read two key texts - Flotsam by David Weisner and The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo. These texts will provide good and engaging models for us and help us to  create adverts, diaries and descriptions based on these texts. Our reading and writing curriculum also include guided reading and SPAG which will help us to develop a wider variety of skills. 


Our Science curriculum this term will focus on two topics - solids, liquids and gases, decay and recycling and life cycles. 

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus