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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School


In Year 6, our first discovery topic is "What are the forces that influence our lives? (World War II)"


We will look at the causes and effects of WW2 and how the war has affected our lives today. Children will learn about which countries were involved in the war and who they fought for. During this topic, children will discover who the world leaders were and the differences between a dictatorship and a democracy.


The children will read books written from different view points and will understand how the war affected children.

As part of our Discovery learning, we will learn how to draw people in action and will produce a piece of art work to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. Using mannequins, children will understand how to draw people in proportion, at different angles.

In DT children will learn how, during WW2, people cooked from very few ingredients. They will grow their own vegetables and use them to cook a Woolton Pie. Children will learn why rationing benefitted most of the British population, during the war.

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus