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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School


Autumn 1

Where are we in the World and Where are we in Key Stage Two?


The start of the autumn term in year 3 will help us to learn more about life in Key Stage Two and the world around us. We will develop our understanding of world geography and maps, as well as exploring Solihull and how learning will be different in KS2.


To support our transition to KS2, we will read the text ‘Once Upon an Ordinary School Day’ where we will journey on an adventure with a boy who finds school ‘ordinary’. This book will help us to the importance of having a love of learning.


Our Science learning this half term will focus on forces and magnets.

Autumn 2

What was life like for the first people in Britain and How do we know?


In this topic, we will explore the Stone Age, the Celts and the Romans. We will explore the lives of early settlers and civilizations and the artefacts which help us to know about their importance in history.


To develop our understanding further, we will read two key texts. Stone Age Boy will help us to compare our lives to people of the Stone Age and tell us key facts about their lives. Escape from Pompeii will develop our  understanding of historical settings and show how Pompeii was changed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.




Our Science learning will focus on light sources.

Autumn 1 Spellings Booklet

Autumn 2 Spellings Booklet

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