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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Debate Team - Council House

The motion for debate:

‘Children currently spend too long on the internet and playing electronic games and this is ruining their childhood. Therefore, no child under the age of 12 should be allowed to use the internet or play electronic games.’


In November, Year 5 were given the above motion and had to decide whether they were for the motion - yes we should ban electronics or no they were against the motion. 

To begin all children felt that it would be unfair to ban children, under 12, from the internet but after research and some very heated discussions, 65% of the class actually agreed.


6 children were chosen to represent St Augustine's, three for the motion and three against. They delivered their speeches in Solihull Council chambers in front of the Mayor, Councillor Mrs Flo Nash and pupils and staff from other schools in Solihull.


Unfortunately, we didn't win this year, but the children did their very best - well done to all of Year 5.

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus