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Discovery Learning Summer

Discovery Learning Activities.

Our learning question is linked to The Tudors. This page provides a range of activities you could carry out at home.


Use the following websites to research around the Tudors; (Some quizzes can also be found on this website)


Some questions to answer to help when you are researching;

Who were the Tudors?

What was life like for children?

What did people wear? 

What was life like during the Tudor times?

Who was Henry VIII? How many wives did he have? How did he become King? How long did he reign for? - (You could create a fact file on him or an autobiography)

What were the houses like in the Tudor times? 


You could gather your research and create a PowerPoint on what you have discovered or a booklet.


Order the Tudor events on a time line or create your own time line to put these in order

English activities linked to the Tudors;

  • Write a play about a Tudor banquet (find out what a Tudor banquet is first) - Act it out at home with your family, you could record this or take photographs.
  • Make a poster or leaflet to persuade people to time travel back to Tudor times. Why would they want to go? Be persuasive!
  • Write a diary entry as a Tudor child. What is it like being a child during these times? What do you like to do? 
  • Write a diary entry as a servant in Tudor times.

Maths activities linked to the Tudors;

  • Find out how long each of the Tudor monarchs reigned for. Draw a bar graph to show your results.
  • King Henry VIII reigned for 38 years. He had 78, 000 people executed while he was king. Calculate how many people were executed per day. Show your working out.
  • Find out about Tudor money and what they would buy with it. Make up your own word problem using Tudor money for someone at home to solve.
  • Find or draw a picture of the Tudor rose and draw the lines of symmetry on it.


Music activities;

  • Find out about Tudor musical instruments. Draw and label some of them.

Design and technology;

  • Design and make a dress for Elizabeth 1 OR an outfit for King Henry VIII. Make sure you've researched Tudor fashion so that your outfit is fit for royalty.
  • Research and cook a dish eaten in Tudor times or create a Tudor menu.
  • Create a Tudor house or a mini model village.


  • Draw or paint a portrait of Henry VIII.


  • Make up your own Tudor dance. Film it, take photographs or teach it to somebody at home.




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