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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School



In September Year 5 and 6 visited Safeside, an initiative by West Midlands Fire Service.


The Junior Citizen programme brings PSHE to life through life-like scenarios such as a road crossing, bus, train, canal, car, house, alleyway, food store and street scene. In an interactive, practical two-hour tour, children learn to recognise key dangers and understand how to reduce risk to themselves and others. 


By presenting learning in visual, auditory and kinesthetic formats, the programme appeals to all children and especially engages those who find formal education more difficult. Each group of around six children is led by a trained volunteer visitor guide. Rather than learning a set of rigid rules, children are instead challenged to think for themselves and develop skills which they can apply in different life situations.


The programme includes:-

  • In car safety
  • Railway safety
  • Home safety
  • Fire safety
  • Road safety
  • Financial awareness
  • Safe shopping skills
  • Personal safety
  • Safer Travel skills
  • Consequences of crime
  • Water safety


The session also include a fire safety check in realistic home scenarios, experiencing the fire flashover to see how fast fire can spread, a tour of the fire station incorporating appliance areas, checking an appliance, Fire Cat comms and map, and a computer based car accident exercise.

Assessing risks in a house

Understanding why items have age restrictions.

Learning about road safety

Risks out and about

Staying safe on public transport

Understanding the role of firefighters

Would you walk down the alley?

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