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Science Activities

Fun Science Activities


Practical Ideas: 2 lovely activities from a new club resource soon to be released here by PSTT.

Paper Helicopters

Equipment: paper clips, paper or light cardboard of different colours, scissors, felt tips.

How to: Make a simple helicopter: fold a piece of paper vertically in half and then in half again, forming four quarters;  cut off one of the quarters to make each helicopter; fold the paper horizontally; taking the open end, fold down each side to create a ‘wing’; attach a paper clip to the folded end of the helicopter.  Drop the helicopters and observe the flight. Try different numbers of paper clips and observe any changes.

H&S: Always find a safe place from which to drop your helicopter.

Taking it further: Does folding the wings down diagonally change its flight?  Try different designs of helicopters and compare their flight.



Online Links

Two daily science activities that can be followed live or accessed at any other point during the day/week.


Dr Chips: Join Dr Chips every day at 10am for a daily dose of science, engineering and technology.


LET’S GO LIVE with Maddie and Greg: 30-minute sessions with Maddie and Greg exploring the natural world.  Streamed every day at 11am.


Wow Science: our sign-posting site has a host of different activities and online links.  Check out Solar System Scope to visit the Earth and other planets, see where stars are now and speed up time to see where they will be in a month



Activity Prompts

PSTT Science at Home Resource: the PSTT are working with Science Sparks to create activities for children to have some fun with science at home. Each two-page sheet has activities that are: clear and simple, using household resources; accessible and manageable for all; fun for children and their families to do; linked to follow up activities.

A new Science Fun at Home will be shared online every Wednesday. Please share these resources with other schools, parents, guardians and carers, and encourage them to pass them on to other families.


Primary Activities for School and Home from CLEAPSS Check out lots of easy to follow advice and ideas that could be used at home or in school.

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