Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School - we are temporarily closed and only open for key worker children. Tasks have been uploaded to the 'Home Learning' year group pages. Stay at home & stay safe.
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

SEND support

SEND Resources


Educational Psychology Support

The website below lists resources recommended by the Educational Psychology team.

Autism Team Support

The following resources have been provided by the SISS ASD team to support pupils at home.

Social, Emotional, Mental Health

The following resources have been recommended by the SISS SEMH team to support children with anxiety and mental health.

Speech and Language Resources

Language Link is an intervention which we subscribe to at St Augustine's to support pupils with speech and language difficulties. The Language Link team have created a page of resources which parents could use at home to support language skills. 

Fine Motor activities

The following activities can be used for children who need support with fine motor skills. These skills are necessary for the formation of handwriting and can be practised by children of any age. 

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