Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School (part of Our Lady and All Saints Multi-Academy). Nursery & Reception 2022 intake Open sessions will take place on Thursday 21st October 10-11:30am & Monday 8th November 1:30-2:45pm (no booking required)
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School


Summer Term

What can we learn about changes in Britain from invaders and settlers?

Our summer term in Year 3 is very busy and we look forward to making our First Holy Communion. This will be a very special celebration where we learn about the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the importance of the Eucharist for Catholics. We will read different stories about Jesus sharing the Eucharist with his disciples and look at how this is celebrated in the Mass.


Our Discovery learning question for the summer term is What can we learn about changes in Britain from invaders and settlers? We will learn about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings : their invasions, kingship and daily life. To support our Discovery learning, we will read Arthur and the Golden Rope looking at stories and persuasive posters.



In Art and D.T, we will explore mechanical systems and levers.


In Science, we will continue to learn about animal homes and study new units on animals and skeletons and rocks. 


Our last term in Year 3 will be full of enjoyable learning and sharing another step in sacramental journeys with each other.

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus