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Summer - The Ancient Mayans

Summer Term

The Ancient Mayas, why were they so important?

People have known very little about this society until recent excavations. We study this ancient civilization to find reasons why the Maya were such a significant society. The question is deliberately open ended allowing you to form your own opinions. There are no ‘right’ answers, at this stage. This is your opportunity to become independent learners, to ask the questions and to find the answers yourself. In secondary school, you will spend a lot of time working things out for yourselves. What do you think are the most important aspects of this civilization? What have we learnt from them?  

After finding out about the Mayas, you could;

  • Write a letter to a Mayan child  - talk about the differences between your lives.
  • Write a newspaper report or Video a news report  - Ancient Mayan child found wondering around Solihull.
  • Create a persuasive text - Why should people visit Mexico
  • Write an explanation text - How is chocolate made?
  • Use your google classroom login, go to sites and create a website about the Mayas.
  • Write a story using the beginning;
    • Standing on top of the stone building, I looked for something familiar. There was nothing. No roads. No cars. No large buildings...…
  • Design a board game about the Mayas.

Find out about the Maya Timeline (Click here)

The timeline of the Maya Civilization is often divided up into three major periods: the Pre-classic Period, the Classic Period, and the Post-classic Period.

History - Who Were the Maya?

BBC Bitesize (Click here)  to find out about the Ancient Mayas and their lives. Topics include:

  • An Introduction to the Ancient Maya
  • What was life like for the Ancient Mayas?
  • What remains of Ancient Maya?
  • What happened to the Ancient Mayas?
  • What games did the Mayas play?
  • Why was farming so important for the Mayas?
  • What did the Ancient Mayas believe in?
  • Who was Pakal the Great?


Watch the National Geographic video  (Click here) to learn about The Mayas.

Geography - Find out about the homeland of the Maya (Click here) 

Art - Find out why Mayas wore mask, you could make your own.
Design Technology - Mayan weaving

Maths - The Maya Number System (Click here)


Full size copies can be found here
Interactive Maths game can be found here.
Make a Maya Calendar - How does it differ from the modern calendar? 
Our local area - How are the Mayas linked to the Birmingham chocolate factory, Cadburys?

Music - Listen to some Maya music

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