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Virgo's Journey to Earth

Year 5 have been editing a passage from their class book. We sent the work to Maz Evans, author of Who Let the Gods Out - she was extremely impressed.


"Wow - these are fantastic! I loved reading them, thanks so much for sending them to me. Please give your budding authors my very best - they are brilliant writers!"

Virgo’s Journey To Earth



Diving, crashing, falling, seeing tall giant making a path (tall mountains). A luscious green land swaying, cautiously, carrying the golden flask carefully, which needs to be returned  to prisoner 42. She’s thinking “What are these giant fluff balls.” Mountains rise, climbers climb and bushes protect their ground.

A long stream smelling like salty ocean air. Roaming to look for stone circle. Thrillingly, also searching for prisoner 42.

Finding stone hedge she thought should I? Will something come? How will it come? This is prisoners 42’s stone circle she heard crows squealing. The wind Whistling as I crash. she also heard tall and small creatures talking in a strange language.

She landed…    


Virgo’s Journey To Earth



Hopeful, frightened, sneakily. With trepidation Virgo sneaked into the roaring council camber, while the Zodiac council was arguing, she snatched the poshly decorated golden flask. The reason she did it was because Virgo wanted to take it to Prisoner 42. Then she sped out of the chamber and… ………………Virgo jumped off.

Dropping, dropping, dropping. As Virgo entered the town of Salisbury. Miss Not So Perfect (Virgo) saw little white, blue and black boxes on wheels. Virgo also saw little figures that screamed so hard that your ears could pop. What a sight! AS Virgo fell and fell and fell, she could smell fire as she entered the atmosphere, she could hear the wind rushing, little things screaming, the boxes made an horrendous sound. Wait! Could this be what the mortals do in their little realm?

Bump! She has landed!


Virgo’s Journey to Earth




Nervously, Virgo jumped off the cloud and headed towards the mortal kingdom. The closer she got the faster she fell. She was scared, she said to herself, “What if I come across some angry mortal and they beat me up? Well I am immortal so it won’t happen.”

Virgo could see little figures moving around and boxes with wheels on them. It was weird. She could also see lumps in the ground. She had heard something like that before, it was some kind of name like mountain. There were little tiny people who were squealing at each other. These creatures were smaller than the other ones she saw earlier. These figures looked very scruffy but Virgo wasn’t, she looked perfect, lived a perfect life in a perfect world .

Suddenly, Virgo saw a sign that said “Salisbury.” She said, “I’m pretty sure that’s where I need to go!” Whoa! There was a big gust of wind and it blew Virgo somewhere else. She heard birds singing loudly but couldn’t quite make out what they said it was like they spoke their own language.      


Virgo’s Journey to Earth

by Luke


With trepidation, Virgo was plummeting down to the mortal realm, getting faster and faster. She saw the lush, green grass, like a chessboard, right under her. She saw the tall grassy things, which people made food out of. Then, she looked right, then left, searching for prisoner 42 when a huge rock was spotted, which Virgo called “mountain!”

Mountain was huge and there was more of him! They were gathering around-not moving for some reason-and they watched the horizon go down together. She also spotted mortals (maybe). Closer and closer, she wanted to see what they looked like. ”What would they look like?” mumbled Virgo as she inspected them. In fact, they were tiny, 2 foot creatures and they weren’t humans! “Oh!” Scoffed Virgo, as she got annoyed. They were actually weird. They were like Taurus, Pisces and more. They were certainly not the same size! But wait! What was that? She heard vicious, wild boxes-or containers-with wheels, honking, louder and louder. They were white, red, black, tall, small every one of them different! They argued lots of the time.

Inside of them were mortals! Finally, she found some! Now, she needs to find prisoner 42 at stone henge. Off she go’s then. She just thought that seeing more things might be way funner. And when he said that, what was that? Who was that? Prisoner 42? It was...



Virgo’s Journey To Earth



Anxiously, Virgo jumped from her immortal, perfect home to Prisoner 42, so she caould give him the shimmery, bright, eye catching golden flask.

Falling in the windy, cold air, Virgo smelt the fumes of smoke. The grey, misty pollution was all around her and she smelt the horrible smell of it. The odour was disgusting! She also heard the tiny creatures raising the voices and giggling. 

She saw the rocky land coming towards her in Salisbury. The clouds covered over her and the clear blue sunset was coming in, it was exquisite.

Rocky as any bumpy lumps, the rocky landscape was rough, wet and muddy. There were soldiers guarding the land and, small creatures and even more tiny creatures! She was coming closer to the bumpy, black, bulky land. Bang!

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