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World Book Day 2019

For World Book Day, we looked at illustrations on book covers. All details of the books were covered up and we had to write a passage using the illustrations as a stimulus.


We discovered that the a picture can have different meanings to different people and that you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover!

Scared, anxious, worried, I was lost sitting on the Harbour. I saw a shadow in the fog. I got up. I cried. I ran. Then I heard a strange, scary, mysterious figure shouting my name. I ran for my life but then ……It stopped. I sat crying thinking about where my mother had gone and then I saw that figure had a bag with, who knows what’s in it. I wondered what was in there? Who is this guy? I slowly went over and that was the worst mistake I have ever made. I shouted, “Where am I? How did I get here?” I shouted for my life, “Mom!”  But there was no reply. I was in that bag the figure had.


Then that man told me that he was not actually there I did not understand so I got out the bag …… It was true I was seeing things. This means it was all my fault I am stuck here. It was all my fault that mom had disappeared. Then at the top of this huge hill a woman was standing here. I said, “Mom.” I trembled she came down. This was the first time I was happy in seven years.

 by Holly




My first day watching a gladiator fight was horrible. My father said that when I was 12, I could go and see.

As we approached the gates, there was an uproar in the stadium. I wondered what it would look like to see a gladiator (a slave made to fight) fight another gladiator.

“It’ll be ok,” my father said. I believed him then, but I was wrong. I didn’t know what the gore looked like. I was not ready.

“Will it be horrible?” I said with an anxious look on my face.

“No,” my father answered, although I was not sure he was certain. When the gladiators came, I saw their armour, I thought father was right. But one slash of the sword, all the gore came to life.

by Santiago




Where am I? How did I get here? What is going on? I woke up in a battle field. All I could hear was screaming. There was an echo,

“Help me …………PLEASE!”

I thought to myself I am not going to live. I got on my feet and ran for my life. I fell down, got up and fell down again. As I looked down I realised I had one leg. I was at war.

Arrows and bullets flew over my head. Suddenly, I was dragged into a ditch. People where protecting me while I was crying in pain. Could I hear my father’s voice?

“Father,” I shouted. Where are you?

“I’m here son,” replied a voice from a far distance. “Come, come,” He told me. I went. “Tell your mother and sister I love them. Give them this letter.”

It read…………..A bomb hit…………

by Ava M


As I was hugging my knees, in the shadows, I saw a scrawny looking crow in the distance, about 5 meters away from me. At first, I didn’t think much about it but then it moved closer and closer until it got about a meter away. I was suspicious about it. Nervous, anxious, scared, what was going to happen? I decided to see if it was okay.

It’s leg was injured! I tried everything I could to try and help him but it was still hurt. I heard someone say, “Kill, Kill, Kill”. I turned around and saw a mysterious figure at the end of the deck. Should I run? I didn’t run. The figure came closer and closer just like the bird, with his blood-covered knife he ran towards me then………

I was more scared than ever. He yelled, “Come here now”. He said it as if he was my teacher at school. The tall man who was probably over 7ft was right in front of me. Slowly, he raised his knife and then the police sneaked up on him and he got tasered and off he went to prison. That day I could have died, if the police left one minute later I would be dead

                                                 By Julian



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