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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Year 1 2018-19 Spring Term

Spring Term 2019

Our topic for the Spring Term is "What can we learn from people and toys in the past?" After reading "Lost in the Toy Museum" we will be transported back in time with a visit from Freshwater's magical toy museum! We will be setting up our very own toy museum in the classroom and will have the opportunity to discuss toys old and new! After this first hand experience we will travel through the decades and explore how toys have changed over time. The incredible adventures of "Traction Man" will inspire us to create our very own stories as well as providing links with our science, history and design and technology curriculum.    

One Life Music Retreat

We were very lucky to take part in a wonderful retreat day of worship with Dan and Emily from One Life Music. Our focus this year was

 "His goodness never fails."

Toy Museum

The children rose to the challenge when completing their pre-topic projects. They asked their family members if they had any old toys that we could share in our class museum. We have had lots of fun talking about these toys and learning about the past!

Safer Internet Day 2019

The children enjoyed taking part in a range of activities linked with being safe on the internet. The children listened carefully to scenarios where they had to decide whether they needed to reach out for help from an adult. 

Number Day!

Year One were amazed at how important numbers are in our everyday lives. We identified numbers in our environment, played lots of number games and enjoyed carrying out different number activities. 

Florence Nightingale

Year one were transported back in time with an enchanting visit from Florence Nightingale. The children took on different roles, from soldiers in the Crimean war to nurses in the hospital. 

World Book Day 2019



Our coaches were very impressed with our scooter skills but were even more impressed with how brilliantly we listened to each instruction. Well don year one!

Our Journey Through Lent 

Year one have been preparing for Easter by raising money for our chosen charities. We completed a "dance-a-thon" that proved a huge success! 

Well done to everyone for supporting our fundraising efforts!

Spring time!

Year one celebrated the end of the spring term with a lovely gross motor session outside. The children used the parachute to create a dome which they ran under into new positions! We had a lot of fun! 


Happy Easter!

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus