Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School - we hope that the school website provides you with a good insight into the school and the children's learning!
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Governor's Greeting

A big welcome from the Governors here at St Augustine’s school.


We are proud to be Governors at a school where our children are cared for, supported and given the confidence to “Love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus”.


Our Governing body is a diverse group of volunteers coming from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from the Parish, Education, Engineering, Personnel, Training, Finance and the corporate world.


We are here to give our school its strategic direction and to act as a “critical friend” helping to guide our school to provide the highest standard of education for all our children. We do not get involved in the day-to-day running of the school - that is in the safe hands of Julie, her Senior Management Team and her Staff.


Our Full Governing Body meets once a term and we have termly meetings of committees, which look after:


Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Finance & Premises



The Chair of each Committee is also a member of the Mission and Strategy Committee.


We come into school as often as possible to attend Masses and concerts, talk to the pupils and engage in Learning Walks around school; all of which keep us up to speed with what is happening in school.


As parents and guardians your views and opinions are important to the Governing Body, if you want to make me aware of an issue (or want to tell me about something that is working really well) please do so via School or via our Parent Governors.


So who are we?


Father Dominic Kavanagh - Foundation Governor

I am parish priest at Saint Augustine's Church and have been a Foundation Governor at Saint Augustine's school since 2005. I am very pleased to be part of such an experienced and faithful Governing Body; and to serve such a delightful group of children and parents.


Annie Fuller - Foundation Governor and Chair of Governors

I have been on the Governing Body since 1998; am chair of Finance and a member of the Personnel committee. Both my children attended St Augustines school where they were very happy. I am proud to be part of the St Augustine’s school family.


Michael Wakeham - Foundation Governor and Vice Chair

I am Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body and Chair of the Personnel Committee. With both of my children having had the benefit of education at St Augustine’s school, I value the caring and supportive nature of the teaching and non-teaching staff.


Frank Cotter - Foundation Governor

I became part of Governing body in 2012. I am the chair of Finance and Premises committee. I have one son who attends St. Augustine's school and enjoys going to school.


Madeleine Coburn - Foundation Governor

Following a long Teaching career, I have been a Foundation Governor of St Augustines School since September 2010. I am Chair of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee and am on the Personnel Committee. My four children attended St Augustine’s.


Deacon Kevin – Foundation Governor

Appointed February 2019 - awaiting statement.


Barbara Burgess - Foundation Governor

I became a Parent Governor in 2015. My son has now moved to secondary school and I changed my role and became a Foundation Governor in 2018. I am a member of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee and the Finance & Premises Committee. I am enjoying being able to contribute to the school life in my role as part of our school’s Governing body.


Mike Stanford - Parent Governor

I am a Parent Governor, appointed February 2018 and member of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee. I work in Learning and Educational Enhancement and the University of Birmingham. I have a daughter in secondary, a son in Year 4 and a son in Nursery. I hope to make a positive contribution to this excellent school as a member of the Governing Body.


Justine McCallum - Local Authority (LA) Governor

I am recently appointed to the Governing Body; I am the LA Governor and a member of the Personnel Committee. I currently teach Human Resource Management at a local college. Both of my children previously attended St Augustine's and they both had a wonderful time here.


Cath Harwood - Staff Governor

I have worked at St. Augustine’s for 19 years and have been a member of the Governing Body for a number of years. Currently I am a member of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee and the Finance and Premises Committee.


Clerk to the Governing Body - Mrs Sue Steward - appointed September 2018

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus