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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Year 4

Wednesday 13th October

Wednesday 13th October

Please find lessons for your child to complete today if they are isolating with COVID-19.


Maths: LO - To subtract two 3-digit numbers

Watch the two lessons to revise how to subtract two 3-digit numbers with no exchanges and with exchanges.

Complete the worksheet.


English - Spelling practise.

Practise your spellings, use a dictionary to find the meaning of the words then write them in a sentence to show your understanding.


RE - To know the story of Jesus in the Temple.

Watch the story of Jesus in the Temple.

Write a diary entry as either Mary or Joseph retelling the story, ensure you include thoughts and feelings.



Tuesday 12th October

Please find lessons for your child to complete today if they are isolating with COVID-19.


Maths: LO - To add two 4-digit numbers.

Complete the worksheet attached.

A challenge sheet has also been attached (Apologies this was scanned on with the English sheet)


English - LO: To understand and use adverbs.

Go through the two PowerPoints and then complete the worksheets.

After the sheets write a few sentences using adjectives and adverbs, under the adjectives in one colour and adverbs in another colour.


Discovery Learning - Black History Month.

A PowerPoint has been attached looking at some significant individuals that we should celebrate during Black History Month, this PowerPoint is quite lengthy so please take your time. Once you have read through this then complete the worksheet attached, writing about one of the people you have just learnt about. 



Monday 11th October


Please find lessons for your child to complete today if they are isolating with COVID-19.


Maths - LO: To add two 4-digit numbers.

Complete the attached worksheet


English - LO: To analyse a poem.

Over the next two weeks we will be learning how to write a poem.

Today I would like you to analyse a poem, look at the poem attached and highlight words,sentences that make it a poem (e.g. rhyming words).

A list of features has been attached for you to look at. Discuss with someone at home (if you can) what the purpose of a poem is, if you can't then write a short sentence explaining what the purpose of a poem is.


RE - LO: To understand prayer in the life of Jesus.


Jesus grew up as a Jew, Jews believed they are descendants of Abraham whom God made his promise to.

Jewish people show grow respect for the books of the Old Testament, these are kept on scrolls and area read from the scrolls in the Synagogue.

Research what the Synagogue is so you are familiar with this building and now find out about the following religious artefacts;

  • Holy Ark
  • Words of the Ten Commandments
  • The Menorah


Jesus would often go the synagogue as a child and an adult and would have heard the readings of the Old Testament from the scrolls that are kept in the Synagogue.  

Jesus would learn many prayers as a child from the Old Testament. One of the prayers is the Shema (read this prayer here)

 What does this prayer say about God?


Jesus also would have learn Psalms from the Old Testament.

Psalm 26 [27] Read this Psalm.

Jesus would have prayed these words, think about what they say about God, what they say about Jesus' relationship with God.


Like Jesus we believe in God and pray to him.

Write your own Psalm prayer similar to Psalm 26 using 'The Lord is my light and my help' as the starting line.


Friday 8th October - Home learning.


English - In class we will be completing our hot write. Please work independently to complete a descriptive piece of writing on the image attached from our story 'The Scarabs Secret'.


Maths - To add two 4-digit numbers.

Access the lesson here

Complete the calculations attached using the written method.


Discovery learning - To understand the experiences of people in Ancient Egypt. 

Last week we learnt about farming in Ancient Egyptian.

Today I would like you to create a fact file on farming.

Use the following websites to help you as your notes are in school. 

See the attached template to show you how you need to lay out your work (you need to ensure you talk about seasons, crops and tools).

We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus