Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School (part of Our Lady and All Saints Multi-Academy). Nursery & Reception 2022 intake Open sessions will take place on Thursday 21st October 10-11:30am & Monday 8th November 1:30-2:45pm (no booking required)
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Year 5

2 Day Remote Learning


Tuesday 7th September


*Maths - Watch the video 

and revise numbers to 1,000. Complete the sheet below.


*English - Revise prefixes and how they change the meaning of words.

Complete the activity below. 


*Discovery - Our autumn term question is Why is water so important in our lives?


Find out 10 facts about water and write these down through a list, poster or mind map.  Remember to carry out a safe search by searching water facts for children. 


Wednesday 8th September


*English  - Write a recount of your summer holiday. Include the 5Ws (who, what, when, why and where) and 1H (how). Remember to include the most interesting details, your opinions along with accurate punctuation and paragraphs.


*Maths - Watch the video on numbers to 10,000 and complete the sheet below.


*R.E - We will be revising what we know about the Bible today.  Watch 


The Bible is important to all Christians because it teaches us how to live. What else is important to you in your life and helps you? Design a poster to show the different things which are important and help you. Explain each idea. 


Thursday 9th September 


*English - Our new unit of work is 'adverts'. Think about what you know about adverts. Where do you see them? What do they do? Why do people create adverts?


Today for your cold write you are going to write an advert for St Augustine's school encouraging people to come to the school. Think about the different information you could include such as teachers, classes, lessons or breaktimes and any drawings you might like to include. 


*Maths  - Rounding. Watch and complete the sheet below.


*Collective Worship - This week's theme is new beginnings. Create and decorate your own prayer for the start of the school year. 

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