Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School (part of Our Lady and All Saints Multi-Academy). Nursery & Reception 2022 intake Open sessions will take place on Thursday 21st October 10-11:30am & Monday 8th November 1:30-2:45pm (no booking required)
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Day One



Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning

Britain declares war on Germany.

Watch the video and complete some of your own research about Britain declaring war on Germany. Complete a newspaper report about this significant event.



Day Two

English (Complete Discovery Learning first)

The Blitz

Listen to the sound clip (click here) of an air raid during the blitz. Imagine you are a child during the war. Write a poem about what is going on around you.



Discovery Learning

Using the websites above, research the Blitz. 

What happened?

When did it happen?

Who was involved?

Why is it important to local history?


Create a fact file about the Blitz.



Year 6 Resources

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