Welcome to St Augustine's Catholic Primary School (part of Our Lady and All Saints Multi-Academy).
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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Late/Absence Procedures

School times are:-

Drop off between

  • 8:45am & 8:55am

Pick up at 

  • 3:20pm (Nursery)
  • 3:25pm (Main School)


Children will be marked as late if they arrive between 8:55am - 9:30am. After 9:30am attendance registers will be marked as unauthorised. 


All children arriving late must be signed in using the digital entry system by a parent/guardian. 


Please be prompt to pick up your child at the end of the day. For later collections, children must be signed out using the digital entry system.


If you are having difficulty collecting on time, please speak to Mrs Foley or contact Orchids Childcare to see if they have space for your child. 


If a child is absent from school parents should contact the school on the first day of absence via a phone call or an email to inform the school of the reason for absence. Parents should give details of the nature of any illness including symptoms or diagnosis.


Parents are expected to contact the school by 10am to report an illness and to maintain contact with the school throughout the absence.


Covid absences - for children who test positive, current NHS guidance states that children are off school for 3 days, or later if they are still not well. 


Not all illness requires an absence from school.  For minor childhood ailments such as coughs, colds, ear aches we would not expect children to be absent.  However, when a parent makes the assessment that their child is unfit for school they should follow the above absence process.

Requesting Time Off During Term Time


All leave of absence requests will be unauthorised unless the circumstances are exceptional. A parent/carer should complete an absence request form and submit this to the school at least two weeks prior to the date required. School will respond to the request within two weeks. Further evidence may be requested at a later date.


DFE guidelines make clear that leave of absence during term-time should be regarded as exceptional.


If a parent/guardian considers they require their child to have a leave of absences for exceptional circumstances they should complete the absence request form which can be obtained from the school office or printed as below. There is a requirement that a parent/guardian provide evidence of the exceptional circumstance and may be required to meet with the Head Teacher. 


If the Head Teacher deems that the reasons are not exceptional the leave of absence will not be authorised.  A letter informing the parents/guardians of this decision for each child and warning of the legal implications of the absence been taken will be sent to each parent/guardian. 


If once notified in writing of the decision to unauthorise the leave of absence, the absence is taken, it will be marked as an unauthorised absence on the pupils register and could be referred to the Education Enforcement Team/Education Welfare Officer for consideration and may result in the issue of a fixed penalty notice.


Medical appointments

Parents/Guardians should avoid making routine medical appointments and dental appointments during the school day. 


In the majority of cases, appointments can be made outside of the school day/during the school holidays.


Where appointments have to be taken during the school day, only the time for the appointment and travel to and from will be classed as an authorised absence.  Pupils are expected to return to school for the remainder of the day/attend school prior to the appointment.


Parents/Guardians are required to provide a copy of the appointment letter or card prior to the day of the appointment.

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