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Welcome toSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Late/Absence Procedures


Term Dates 2018-19


Autumn Term 2018

INSET DAY: Monday 3rd September

Starts: Tuesday 4th September 2018 (children return to school)

INSET DAY: Friday 26th October

Half Term: Monday 29th October 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018

Ends: Friday 21st December 2018


Spring Term 2019

INSET DAY: Monday 7th January

Starts: Tuesday 8th January 2019 (children return to school)

Half Term: Monday 18th  February 2019 to Friday 22nd February 2019

Ends: Friday 12th April 2019


Summer Term 2019

Starts: Monday 29th April 2019 (children return to school)

INSET DAY: Thursday 4th May

Half Term: Monday 27th May 2019 to Friday 31st May 2019

Ends: Friday 19th July 2019

INSET DAY: Monday 22nd July


We love and learn together by growing in friendship with Jesus